France on 35mm Film

I regret that in an exciting evening of website updating and photo editing, I somehow managed to accidentally delete all of my previous blog posts. So, here I am, starting anew. I can't think of a better way to begin than by sharing my imperfect but meaningful film scans from my solo journey to the south of France this summer. I made a point to post my travels on Instagram each day of my trip, but I haven't publically shared much more outside of that. It's difficult for me to create a gallery and a story that I think does this experience justice. So, we'll start here.

When setting goals for myself for 2017, traveling more often and with more meaning was at the top of my list. In February, I found myself sitting on a substantial number of unused airline miles and a huge, uncommon feeling of confidence and adventure.

So, I decided to book a 10 day trip to southern France by myself.

I had never traveled out of the country by myself, I don't speak French and I didn't really have a set reason for going other than to relax, photograph and experience the stunning beauty of the Côte d'Azur and Provence. These photographs are just the beginning of my documentation of this trip, but I think they may be my favorite. Film makes me slow down. The things I choose to capture on film I know may not be "perfect" quality, but they're the moments I want to remember exactly as they are. I never want to forget the soft stones on the beaches of Nice, the aroma of fleshly bloomed lavender in Forcalquier and the way the sun hits the pastel colors of the region. 

Darcy Dellera