Isola di Favignana‎

Not far off of the western coast of Sicily, between Trapani and Marsala, you'll find a secluded paradise called the island of Favignana.

Remote and seriously underrated, the island remains largely a destination for Italians in the know. As a foreigner, this is the kind of place you visit and feel really, really fortunate to have stumbled upon. Part of you will want to guard it and keep it a secret, but it's too beautiful not to share. 

What most people come for are the island’s crystalline, electric blue waters. When on Favignana, swim in the clearest of waters at Cala Rossa, eat as much tuna and cannoli as physically possible, hike to the hilltop ruins of the Castello di Santa Caterina, and stay at the stunning Villaggio Cala La Luna. 

Darcy Dellera